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Since 2020, Five South's goal is to make writing accessible to all. Writing is for everyone and everyone can write. Great writing comes from anywhere and we're here to share it with the world. Your support helps ensure we can continue to promote good stories for many years to come. Five South is 100% reader supported. In 2022, we reached our goal of offering a small honorarium to writers being published in our issues. Our next goal is to provide a similar honorarium to writers and poets published in The Weekly.  Eventually, we would like to pay our editors for their hard work and dedication. 

Between November 1st and December 31st, 20% of donations will be donated to Words Uncaged. 

From the Words Uncaged Website: 

Words Uncaged facilitates art, narrative therapy and new media workshops throughout the state correctional system in California. We work collaboratively with artists that are in captivity to shift the narratives that surround mass incarceration.

We believe that story is the catalyst for all change in the world. We believe that when we share our stories with each other all walls come down, and our common humanity is all that remains. Read more about Words Uncaged.

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