Welcome to Five South

Welcome, everyone, to Five South: a labor of love, a dream become reality. What was supposed to be a low-key, stress-free project ended up being a gauntlet. Here you see twelve-hour days, weekends and evenings, the last four months of our lives. You’ll see how much love lives here. Our stories and poems weren’t chosen based on an agenda or cater to the topics du jour. We’re not following trends. These pieces, each and every one, were picked because they’re simply great writing. And that’s what we’re all about.

Issue One contains fifteen pieces from outstanding writers and poets, the best of the best – a broad range of contemporary voices. All of our pieces are short, sweet, and make a powerful impact. Our fiction writers have staked out tales of love, death and beauty. Cass Garison, our amazing poetry editor, has hand-picked a stellar selection of poems that will bring you emotions: good, bad, sexy. I am so grateful to have such talent grace these pages. Please take a look at their bios.

These days, we’re inundated with politics, right and wrong, he said, she said, everyone said. TV and movies and what’s next, what’s hot and what sucks. The world is burning, people are dying, there’s chaos in the streets. When times are tough, it’s often wise to remove the clutter and go back to basics. Forget pandemics and elections for a minute. Let us tell you a nice story. There’s nothing like a good tale to take you out of the chaos. Think back to the movies of the Great Depression. Fred Astaire dancing in luxurious surroundings was in stark contrast to the real world and that was the point. Sometimes you just need to get away.

We’re all stuck at home right now. We have no shortage of entertainment and maybe that’s a good thing. You have choice and we’re glad you chose us. Words are nothing without someone to read them and Five South is nothing without you.

All I really want to say is, there are no bad stories in this issue. Cass and I have lovingly chosen stories and poems that delight and entertain, make you think, and make you remember. We hope they make you feel good. We sincerely hope you love them as much as we do.


All my heartfelt thanks to Cass Garison for their tireless work and love. And to all our writers for sharing their words with us and allowing us to share them with the world. Many thanks to Jenny Kessler for her beautiful LA to Seattle skyline art that defines the Five South ethos. Finally, thank you Skip Moss for usage of his Interstate Five image you can see above and on the About Page.