The Psychic Receives Yelp Reviews by Chelsea Stickle

from the Screaming Meemies series

Patricia N. 8/9/22

I’ve been to numerous psychics all over the world and none of them have been as rude as this bitch! I told her that my fiancé travels for work and she said he smelled like other women! What an unnecessarily cruel thing to say to a bride!

EDITED 5/10/24

The other night I found condoms in my husband’s suitcase and he told me that he’s been cheating on me the whole time! Bastard had the nerve to say he was relieved to get caught. So I guess she was right, but she could’ve phrased it better.


Alice A. 3/7/22

Her whole vibe is pretty woo-woo. Like incense, velvet, evil eye bullshit. And this woman is super white. She’s definitely appropriating another culture.


Grace Y. 2/22/22

I went in to ask about my mom’s cancer diagnosis and Miss Liza said she would die soon, but from another cause. She wouldn’t say what and now I’m obsessed with every single thing that could go wrong.

EDITED 4/4/22

Well, Miss Liza was right. My mom died in a car crash while my sister was taking her to chemo. My sister survived with a broken nose from the airbag deploying, so she appeared way more messed up. I’d change the star rating, but I don’t know how and it’s hard to say what to give her now. Maybe Mom would still be alive if I drove.