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Spring 2022 Poetry & Flash Fiction Contest Shortlists

Five South held two contests concurrently this past Spring. One for Flash Fiction & one for Poetry. Overall, the submissions were of extremely high quality and we're still in the process of selecting our winners.

The good news is that we are now ready to release our contest shortlists.

We expect it will be another two weeks before our Poetry Editor K.D. Harryman & Flash Fiction Contest Guest Judge Madeline Anthes narrow it down to one winner and two honorable mentions from each contest - but for now please join us in congratulating the following writers whose work has earned the attention and respect of the team at Five South.

2022 Five South Spring Poetry Contest Shortlist

Willie James - "Inheritance"

Jessica Manack - "Where"

Haylee Millikan - "Triangle de Choisy"

Mary Paulson - "Magritte’s Memory"

Winna Pham - "A Day in November"

Lynne Schmidt - "My Mother Cries When The Birds Are Gone"

Chamomile Wheatley - "Morning Death"

2022 Five South Spring Flash Fiction Contest Shortlist

Sudha Balagopal - "Prom Date" & "Reversing the Trajectory of Her Life"

Elizabeth DeWolf - "Good Sides"

Hollay Ghadery - "Jesus, Sara"

H.R. Harper - "A Closed Set"

L Mari Harris - "And Another Thing"

Sabrina Hicks - "All Water Holds a Memory"

Jen Knox - "Time Away"

Martha Lane - "Vacancy"

Rachel Lloyd - "Scars"

Liz Matthews - "Beautiful Gesture" & "You Know Better But I Know You"

Bruce Meyer - "The Composer" & "La Vie en Rose"

Michelle Ross - "Counting" & "Survival Training"

Ashton Russell - "Dois Artistas se Encontram no Tinder" & "More Like a Body Than a Person"

Isabel Wolfe-Frischman - "The Chickens Begat"


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