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Modern Breakup by Kenton K. Yee

Fake meat, dry heat while fires

spread and there is no great way

to say this. The smoke trees

are fruiting. People are reaching

for their remotes. Daylight Savings Time

draws people outdoors. Sunny weather

drains reservoirs. People watch

people on TV, where flying machines

topple buildings. Prices

climb higher. The invested

retire. Temperatures break records.

Cars drive themselves. Beans

fry like steak. People watch

people on TV. Reality is

so realistic. Gasoline is

the new bitcoin. People surf

channels. Please don’t cry;

I want us to still be friends

on Bookface.


An Iowa Summer Poetry Workshop and Key West Literary Seminar alumnus, Kenton K. Yee recently placed poetry in The Indianapolis Review, The Threepenny Review, Hollins Critic, Plume Poetry, Prembroke Magazine, and Summerset Review, among others. Kenton writes from northern California.


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