Lust Fragments 13, 14, & 15 by Joe Nasta


My knees bend backwards,

serenade him:

The first man I let inside

did not use his fists, but my mouth

took his lashes anyway.

It was oh, so sweet with my knees

at his feet when I thought

that it made me mean anything.


I didn’t like the taste of your mouth

but I kissed you for a few hours.

I sucked the life out of you.

In the golden morning after

I walked twenty blocks before

I got on the subway, beaming.


my toes curl,

tell him:

“the first man I kissed poured me

his emptiness, tasted

like rubber & vodka & oranges.

he took all of my dreams, turned me in-

-to something; like it’s magic

I pretend that it’s wonderful”

somewhat interesting.


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