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Fall 22 Contest - Free Entries Raffle for Writers in Need

Greetings readers,

The winner of the spring 2022 Poetry Prize, Sabrina Hicks, has generously donated her winnings toward free entries to our fall 2022 flash and poetry contests. Because of Sabrina's kindness, we're able to provide 40 free entries to writers experiencing financial hardship.

Deciding who should get a free entry and who qualifies as "in need" is no easy feat. Therefore, we'll be doing a raffle to randomly select 40 winners. This raffle is on your honor. You must truly be experiencing financial hardship, but we can't rightly define what that means. If you're Jaguar has been impounded and your mansion needs a west wing, you're probably not who we're thinking of. "In Need" is not something we can easily define, but generally, if you don't enter contests because you can't afford it, are struggling to make ends meet, this is your chance to get a freebie. It doesn't mean you'll win the contest, but you've got to play to win.

Please pass this raffle on to your friends, writer groups, students, and help us spread the word on social media. We want to help as many people as we can! Thank you for reading and to those of you who enter, good luck!

Read Sabrina's winning flash piece "All Water Holds a Memory" here.

~Kristen Simental

Founder/Publisher, Five South



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