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Backstory: Guest Art Director, Russ Rubin

By Russ Rubin

Immediately I was struck by the color and rawness of emotion in all these poems and stories and by the idiosyncratic angles, enigmas, and collisions they represent. For me, it was important to reflect the same with the visuals. Thus, the smorgasbord of mediums, from paintings to fiber art, ceramics, and photography to Legos, each piece invoking a dialog with its pairing through the visceral power of visual communication. So, here’s to the painted word and the poetry of image. May it all collide in a glorious black magic cocktail we can sip and savor but never fully understand.

Russ Rubin is a painter, writer, and former band manager from the exotic woods of New Jersey.

Artists Featured in Issue Two:

  • Adam Hacker

  • Russ Rubin

  • Lois Emma Harkin

  • Alex Kovacs

  • Nevil Jackson

  • Loren Erdrich

  • Na Liu

  • Adam Ward

  • Peter Frederiksen


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