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The Free newsletter is a no-frills way to stay up to date with Five South, what we're doing, and when submissions are open.

What's in the Jobs Edition?

Just jobs. Employment opporunities are curated from many (many) different sources and brought to you once a week. Stay subscribed only as long as you need. As writers in the field, we know the kinds of the jobs writers are looking for. This list is tailored for writers by writers. We understand times are tough which is why the price is intentionally affordable.

What's in the Writer's Edition?

The expanded newsletter is the weekly kit and kaboodle for writers by writers. It's everything you need to know to stay in the loop. It's a jumbo sized list of new contests, conferences, virtual events, jobs, giveaways, pertinent news, our weekly recommendations, fun stuff to do, fellowships, and workshops. It's robust.

Newsletter Fees Explained

As much as we would like to give this information away for free, it's a lot of work and like you, we have bills to pay. Here's how the fees break down: As of 2021: Payment processing takes 2.9% + 0.30 per transaction Our mailing list host takes 4.9% per transaction. That's 7.8% + 30 cents per transaction. On a $3.00 charge, we bring home about $2.46 per sale.

As you can see, we're not getting rich here, we just want to cover our costs and provide you with a great resource!

Why should I subscribe?

First and foremost, newsletter subscriptions support Five South and our efforts to bring you beautiful stories.

The publishing and literary worlds are massive, confusing, and have many moving parts. It’s challenging to stay on top of everything. As a writer, you don’t have time to scour 2000 websites, newsletters, and Twitter accounts to find out what’s going on - but you still want to know what’s going on. Finding residencies, fellowships, classes to take, and internships is often like searching for a needle in a haystack. With everything going virtual, it feels like there are more events – many you’d like to attend…if only you could find them.

Let us be your guide. Many websites offer news, submission openings, contests, and more. Good-natured souls who regularly post this stuff on their blogs ultimately give up because it’s a lot of work. We’re offering up-to-date, reliable information curated by writers for writers. We put the information together in a digestible format and make finding what you need (when you need it) easy.

You should subscribe because you ain't got time to look all this stuff up yourself. Subscribing to either of the paid newsletters directly supports what we do here at Five South.

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